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Blocked Drains

We can fix your... Blocked Drain or Burst Pipe

Blocked drain? Call us day and night, we can provide emergency call out services or aim for same day service to clear your blocked drain. 

Blocked drains can cause flooding, overflow of your toilets and basins. Here at TopTec Plumbing and Gas, we are fully equipped with the latest drain clearing technology as well as an inspection camera and locator.

Blocked toilets, sinks and overflowing drains? 

This can be a sign that your sewer line is blocked. The cause may be broken or collapsed pipes under the ground or more often, tree roots finding their way into the pipes and cause the block. Clearing the blockage will stop the flooding and give us time to repair the cause of the damage and prevent future blockages*.  


Even if the flooding isn't visible, high water bills or damp sections of ground may be a sign of an underlying problem - so if you notice early signs, don't wait, call us today!

We offer three packages to help you with your blocked drain:

  • We can clear your blocked drain using the best technology available.  This should immediately fix a flooding issue. 

  • We offer an additional option to carry out an inspection and location while on site clearing the drain. This will show you the condition and cause of the issue and we will provide you with advice on a permanent solution.

  • We offer competitive pricing to permanently fix the source of the problem, if required. As the ground moves, it often causes cracking or breaks in the pipe or alternatively, tree roots may grow within the pipe causing the block. Either way, we are able to offer permanent solutions to fix the pipe. 

We offer Emergency 24/7 Support for Blocked Drains, Bust Pipes or any other plumbing emergency.   

* Please note that this is general advice and is based on our experience only, it may not be applicable to all cases.