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  • Smell Gas?

    Smelling Gas is never a good sign, we recommend leaving the area immediately and contacting a licensed gas-fitter. 

    In an extreme emergency, such as you smell gas in the street or on your property before or including the gas meter, you should call the Gas Leaks and Emergency services hotline on 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532) to locate and repair the leak.

    TopTec Plumbing & Gas offer 24 hour emergency repairs if the smell is within your home - Call Us Anytime! 

    In the case of an emergency it is always a good idea to know where your gas main isolation valve is. Typically either: 

     1) On the top of your LPG gas cylinder 

     2) At the natural gas meter, normally located at the front of your home

    Remember to always use a licensed gas-fitter to carry out any installation or repair work and supply you with a gas compliance certificate

  • Your toilet is running...

    Does your toilet keep running after someone flushes? It may just be an annoyance but it can lead to much worse water leaks in your toilet. Not to mention, a running / leaking toilet wastes hundred of liters of water each day costing you money and impacting on the environment.


    If you have a high water bill and no visible signs of water leaks around your home, one of these hidden leaks could just be the cause.  


    Get in touch today! If you call us early, it can be a relatively cheap fix to repair a running toilet before the condition of your plumbing gets worse. 


    We are also able to conduct a pressure test on your water line to ensure you have no further leaks around your home, saving you thousands over the years to come.

  • Worried about burst pipes

    Leaks in and around your home may be the a minor issue, but it can also be an indicator for a much bigger problem, unfortunately there are no general quick fixes that we offer you.


    All we can recommend is that you keep an eye out for any leaks around your home, no matter how severe and call a licensed plumber sooner rather than later. 


    Common indicators for a burst pipe include; high water bills, damp patches around your home and wear and tear on flexible hoses. We recommend that you regularly inspect the following common areas:

    • Under your kitchen sink (look at where the pipes go)

    • Rust on flexible hoses under all sinks 

    • In and around your bathroom(s)

    • Around your hot water system


    The sooner you can get a licensed plumber out to fix the leak, the cheaper it is likely to be for you (depending on the cause of the leak).


    TopTec Plumbing & Gas offer free inspections and quotes. Get in touch today ~ 0427 758 224

  • Taps dripping ...

    Found a tap dripping ???


    Drip... Drip... Drip...

    This is a common problem we all experience and should be repaired sooner rather than later.


    Replacing tap washers can be a relatively cheap and easy solution to your problem if you have a tap set (hot, cold and outlet). A dripping tap over a long period of time will cause more damage to the tap-ware, requiring replacement of the tap set. 


    Here at TopTec Plumbing & Gas, a tap washer replacement will include re seating the washers providing a quality connection between the washer and the tap set to ensure that you don't need to call us back in the near future. 

    If you have a mixer, similar to that photographed below, these generally last a longer period before requiring any maintenance. If your mixer is dripping, we offer cartridge replacements as well. 

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