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Hot Water Systems

Service OR Replacement - We're happy to help!

Having issues with your hot water? Not getting enough heat or water pressure? There are many issues that may be causing these things. ​

We are highly experienced at diagnosing issues with most models of hot water systems. Whether you need a new installation, replacement or a service we fully licensed to provide this service. ​

If you are not sure, but you want to check whether there could be something wrong, or if anything can be done to improve your hot water supply, please feel free to call us for a complimentary discussion over the phone. 

- Free quotes for replacement or maintenance work available -


There are many different types of electric hot water systems, big and small. We are not electricians but most issues with electric hot water systems are related to the plumbing system and when there is an electrical issue, we can diagnose the issue and arrange for our experience electrician to fix it for you. 


Gas hot water systems can have a multitude of issues including gas leaks, issues lighting the flame, or inefficiencies with the heating process. We are very careful when working with gas, so we recommend that you call a licensed gasfitter for any maintenance required to your system. ​

If you can smell gas - we recommend that you call us immediately to diagnose the problem. 


Similar to a traditional gas hot water system, always call a licensed gasfitter for any maintenance or works required to your instantaneous hot water system. ​

We can maintain your existing system or install a new instantaneous system for you to replace your traditional electric or gas system.